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Kobatotei Ibun

#391 Kobatotei Ibun

Alternative: 小鳩邸異聞 , Kobatoteiibun , The Strange Story of the Kobato Residence
Authors/Artists: Takano Miyako

[From Storm in Heaven]:

Something happened to Kobato when he was young, something he can't explain. Since then he's been able to see things that normal people can't see. These are the touching tales of his and others' experiences with the unknown.

Sukitte Ii na yo

#392 Sukitte Ii na yo

Alternative: 好きっていいなよ。 , I Love You&quot , , Suki tte Ii Na Yo , Sukitte Ii Nayo , Sukitte Iina yo , Jeg elsker deg&quot , (Norwegian) , Te Amo&quot , (Español) , Eu te Amo&quot , (Portuguese) , Je t'aime&quot , (french) , 只要你说你爱我 (chinese) , Can't say I love you , Mahal kita&qu
Authors/Artists: Hazuki Kanae

From Karma Falls Scanlations:
Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without making either a boyfriend or friends. One day, she injures the most popular boy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems that he takes a liking to her and one-sidedly claims that they’re friends. Furthermore, he not only protects Mei from a stalker, he does it with a kiss…?!!

Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami

#393 Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami

Alternative: Little Red Riding Hood and the Kind Wolf
Authors/Artists: Palmeros
Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Tragedy

A short, textless oneshot with a grim take on Little Red Riding Hood.

Baka to Gogh

#394 Baka to Gogh

Alternative: バカとゴッホ , Baka & Gogh , The Idiots & Gogh , Gogh , Baka and Gogh , Baka & Gogh
Authors/Artists: Katou Shinkichi
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Seinen

Sakai and Shoji are two idiots. Their band, Moozmuz, is eccentric, flamboyant and silly. Gogh, their classmate, is a quiet but intense clothes designer. Watch the friendship between these three artists blossom and suffer, rendered in Shinkichi Kato's vibrant, lively art. The two volumes also contain a pair of one-shots each

Koi Neko

#395 Koi Neko

Alternative: รักนี้เหมียวจัดให้ , コイネコ , Koineko (MASHIMA Etsuya) , 恋猫 (真島悦也) , Koineko , Love Cat (MASHIMA Etsuya) , Cat Love
Authors/Artists: Mashima Etsuya

An Ordinary kid Shinta likes to play with cats even though he cannot have one for a pet because of his father's allergies. Cats also like to play with Shinta... in more ways than one. For example, changing into a girl and becoming Shinta's girlfriend and generally trying to get him to reciprocate their catcalls, literally.

Hekikai no AiON

#396 Hekikai no AiON

Alternative: へきかいのアイオーン , 碧海Aion , 碧海のAiON , 碧海のアイオーン , 碧海的Aion , Aion แห่งนทีสีคราม
Authors/Artists: Kagesaki Yuna

Tsugawa Tatsuya just lost his parents in an accident... but he is trying not to let that keep him too down as he starts high school.While trying to obey his father`s final wish for him to become an upstanding man, he ends up helping a girl who was being bullied. Despite her exceedingly cold nature, he just can`t leave her alone... which may not necessarily be to his benefit, as he ends up getting wrapped up in a world where things like parasitic mind-controlling bugs exist...

37°C Kiss

#397 37°C Kiss

Alternative: 37 Degrees Kiss , 37 do Kiss , 37°Cキッス , 37℃ Kiss , 37℃ Kissu , Caramel Kiss (FUJIWARA Yoshiko) , Himitsu no Namida , Secret Tears , Shounen Knife , Thirty Seven Degrees Kiss , Himit
Authors/Artists: Fujiwara Yoshiko

Collection of short stories:

• 37℃ Kissu
Naoki was a very cool and good looking guy, but somehow after meeting Fumika-chan, he's not cool at all, but very cute?!

• Himitsu no Namida (Secret Tears)
He saved his second button for her, but on their last day, she handed him a love letter to give to his best friend. Instead of delivering that letter, he kept it himself, and asked her to go out with him instead...?

• Caramel Kiss
Atsushi-sensei is Kawahara's first love, will he be able to accept her affections?

• Shounen Knife
Until Riki moved in, the house next door to Mimi's was always vacant. Riki saved Mimi's cat, but it seems that he isn't as well mannered as she first thought?

• Extra from Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss Bokura no Baai.

Let's Lagoon

#398 Let's Lagoon

Alternative: レッツ ラグーン , レッツ☆ラグーン , Rettsu Raguun , Rettsu Ragoon , Rettsu Lagoon
Authors/Artists: Okazaki Takeshi

Yamada is stranded on an island without any ships passing by who isn't sure why he's there because he can't really recall, so after finding his sports bag, he assumes he was on a school trip. With only 7 days of food, he eventually decides to make a boat to leave the island. He thought he was alone on the island until a girl named Imaise Chika was found eating his food, where they then decide to continue making a boat. Since the boat only had room for one, Yamada decided to set off for help, but returned upon noticing that not only did Imaise put her rations in his bag, they were mostly untouched as well. After returning, he noticed she made the oar out of a fishing lance and he decides they can live on the island longer.

Switch Girl!!

#399 Switch Girl!!

Alternative: 双面少女 , 变身指令 , スイッチガール!! , 스위치걸 , Switch Girl , Switch Girl!!~變身指令~ , スイッチガール!! , Switch Girl (German) , 變身指令 , 스위치걸 (Korean)
Authors/Artists: Aida Natsumi

TAMIYA Nika is a beautiful, outgoing, popular high school girl. She has just the right look, just the right fashions, and is everyone’s friend. What everyone at school does not know is how hard Nika works to keep up this perfect image, and what she is REALLY like at home. When not at school, Nika is a scary, sloppy, tight-fisted girl who wears glasses, an ugly sweatsuit, and has her hair pulled back into unattractive buns. She lays around playing video games and reading manga. Her attitude is bossy and cranky, and she travels far out of her way to shop where she won’t be recognized.

Every day, Nika “Switches On” with a strict regimen of beautification that involves primping and plucking and careful dressing. The only person who knows about Nika’s Switched On/Off modes is her best friend, who is also aware of the reasons behind the changes.

However, soon a second person finds about about Nika’s personalities - someone who has his own On/Off switch, but in reverse! His name is KAMIYAMA Arata, and he is a recent transfer student. He meets Nika when she is in OFF Mode, and then again at school when she is ON. However Nika can see that he has his little secret. At school, Arata wears thick swirly-eyed glasses and messy hair that make some bullies think he is an otaku. However, at home, he ditches the glasses and is downright gorgeous! He is just the opposite of Nika, but why?

Juhou Kaikin!! Hyde & Closer

#400 Juhou Kaikin!! Hyde & Closer


From Endless Youth and Co.:

Shunpei Closer's grandfather, Alsyd Closer, was an odd man. He traveled around the world always coming back to Japan to tell his grandson all the amazing adventures he would have. Before leaving to Africa on Shunpei's 7th birthday, he gives him a teddy bear named Hyde. Six years have passed and one day Shunpei receives a mysterious package that contains a deadly surprise. To survive, he will learn more about his grandfather than he ever dared to dream and learn what it takes to be a real man, and not the coward he always thought it was all right to be.

Memories of Emanon

#401 Memories of Emanon

Alternative: おもいでエマノン , 回憶愛瑪儂 , Emanon's Memories , Omoide Emanon
Authors/Artists: Kajio Shinji , Tsuruta Kenji

Based on the award-winning novel by Shinji Kajio, Memories of Emanon tells the story of a mysterious girl who holds a 3-billion-year old memory, dating back to the moment life first appeared on Earth.

Sequal manga:

Amai Akuma Ga Warau

#402 Amai Akuma Ga Warau

Alternative: 甘い悪魔が笑う , 甜心恶魔在微笑 , Love is the Devil , Sweet devil laughs , Dangerous Butler Love!
Authors/Artists: Toriumi Pedoro

Haruru Shirosaki, a girl whose father is a director, is always busy. Her best friend is Mami. She visits a girl's school across the road from a boy's school.

One day she sees a boy in the window of the boy's school. When she comes home from school the boy she had seen earlier is there saying he will become her butler? Is this just a dream?

Another Summer Knights

#403 Another Summer Knights

Alternative: Another Summer Kishi's , Another Summer Knight's , アナザー・サマー・騎士'S , 超美形骑士S
Authors/Artists: Ohya Kazumi

Natsumi Touma is sixteen years old. She began to work part-time at a coffee shop during the summer vacation when she was a first-year student of high school. However, the shop is a dubious place where Natsumi can see those who cannot be seen. Her inspiration gets stronger day by day at this spiritual place. There appears a very handsome savior.

Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe

#404 Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe

Alternative: Sun Ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe , Sun Ken Rock Gaiden - The Dango Knight , Sun Ken Rock Special Pickaxe
Authors/Artists: Boichi
Genres: Action , Ecchi , Sci Fi , Seinen

After Pickaxe moved out for Seoul Pickaxe spend his life as a NEET but one day he finds a strange suit that allow him to become a the Dango Knight. While searching to make money out of his new situation, he’ll come to face the hyper dangerous evil organisation Dark Roach and its sexy leader…

Spin-off of Sun-ken Rock (

Onani Master Kurosawa

#405 Onani Master Kurosawa

Alternative: Masturbation Master Kurosawa , オナニマスタ黑沢 , オナニーマスター黒沢 , Onanie Master Kurosawa , 枪王黑泽
Authors/Artists: Ise Katsura , Yoko , Yokota Takuma

Onani means masturbation. And that's what this guy is good at. Every day after school, he sneaks into the mostly unused girls bathroom on the 3rd floor, and masturbates. Until one day when he's caught...

This is a story of mistakes, redemption, and the choices made in between. It contains the worst and best of the human condition.

Big Order

#406 Big Order


A new manga by the creator of Mirai Nikki and Hanako to Guuwa no Tera. The main character Hoshimiya Eiji is an introverted high school boy that secretly wishes for the destruction of the world.

Dragon Ball Z - Kamehasutra

#407 Dragon Ball Z - Kamehasutra

Authors/Artists: Pandora's Box

No description has been written.

Sengoku Strays

#408 Sengoku Strays

Alternative: War Land Strays , 戦國ストレイズ , 戰國 strays , 戰國STRAYS-時空迷遊抄 , ??????? , Sengoku Strays
Authors/Artists: Nanami , Nanami Shingo , Shingo

Kasane is your average kendo-obsessed girl, when a brush with a mysterious sword sends her back in time to the Sengoku Era. Stuck in an unfamiliar time and place, Kasane also has the poor luck of winding up right in the middle of the turmoil that surrounded Oda Nobunaga s rise to power! (Source: Storm in Heaven)

Ren Ai Cupid

#409 Ren Ai Cupid

Alternative: Girlfriend (KIRITANI Miki) , Love Cupid , Ren'ai Cupid , Renai Cupid , 恋愛キューピィ
Authors/Artists: Kiritani Miki

Yoshikawa Hiyo have waited years to finally confess her feelings to her crush. Now that she’s in the same school as him, she decided to bring up the courage to confess. But just as she was building up her nerve, she almost gets hit by an arrow directed at her! With the arrow came a note of invitation to a room of the school. When she got to the room, she was greeted by two gorgeous brothers who introduced their club as the Love Cupid club whose purpose is to help those who have love problems. As the brothers try to help Hiyo to confess, they are besieged with another problem. Whenever Hiyo faces her crush, she becomes extremely clumsy and accidentally hurts people around her, even her crush! Will Hiyo ever be able to confess her feelings?

Touhou - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX - The Okami’s Day (Doujinshi)

#410 Touhou - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX - The Okami’s Day (Doujinshi)

Alternative: Touhou - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX - The Okami’s Day , Touhou - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX -The Okami’s Day- , Touhou dj - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX - The Okami’s Day , Touhou dj - The Sparrow’s Midnight Dinning EX -The Okami’s Day- , 深 , To
Authors/Artists: Grinp , Neko Tofu

The secret to commercial success is not only to sing people into night-blindness and sell them food. See how a usual day of work for food stand owner Mystia goes.

Related Story:

- Touhou - Hunted Hunter (Doujinshi) (

Dragon Who

#411 Dragon Who

Alternative: DragonWho , 드래곤후 , 드래곤 후 , Dragon Who , ????
Authors/Artists: Ha Yuhn , Jung Jae-rahn , Jung Jae-rān , Kim Ju-ri

Roa Coatl is on a mission. He must find the descendant of Quetzalcoatl to make her his wife and continue his great race of dragons. However, with no knowledge about love and having no interest in women, will he be able to accomplish his task in human world?

Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

#412 Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

Alternative: 僕から君が消えない , 情不自禁愛上妳 , You can't disappear from me. , No puedes escaparte de mi (Español) , Tu ne peux pas t'en aller loin de moi (French) , Hindi ka pwedeng mawala sa akin (Filipino) , Für immer mein/Forever mine (German) , 내 마음속에서 네가 지워지지 않아 (Korean) , Du får inte lämna
Authors/Artists: Aikawa , Aikawa Saki , Saki

Hotaru managed to get in the high school where Haruna-sensei teaches to see him again! However, on her first day there, she meets a very unpleasant guy who looks just like her beloved sensei...?

Loose Relation Between Wizard & Apprentice

#413 Loose Relation Between Wizard & Apprentice

Alternative: Mahoutsukai (♂) to Deshi (♀) no Futekisetsu na Kankei , Mahoutsukai to Deshi no Futekisetsu na Kankei
Authors/Artists: Konya Yukio

Hard working, level 1 magician Konoha is apprenticed to lazy Knight Protector Saionji Ikumaru. They both work to keep the etherworld sealed away from their own but sometimes the seal doesn't work. Dragons, demons, and now Ishtar, the goddess of Venus. Will Ishtar help Konoha win her master's affections? Or will she take him for herself?

Cyclops Shoujo Saipu

#414 Cyclops Shoujo Saipu

Alternative: サイクロプス少女さいぷ~ , Cyclops Shoujo Saipu~ , Cyclops Shoujo Saipu
Authors/Artists: Tora Yasu

When Fuuka hit her second year of middle school, puberty kicked in. Now she's really tall and has huge boobs. Due to her hairstyle, her classmates call her "Saipu," after the cyclops. Her affection for her older brother was cute when she was a little girl and said she wanted to marry him. Now it just freaks him out, since she's decided she's adult enough to follow through on her childish promises. This 4-koma style manga is the story of the life of this cyclops girl!


#415 Veritas

Alternative: 베리타스 (Korean) , Истина (Bulgarian) , אמת (Hebrew) , Truth (English)

Gangryong is a high schooler; unlike others, he has always had a dream of being the strongest. One day he meets Youcheon, who teaches him a powerful skill. One year later, people come to see him and announce that his "master" is dead. Because he was his only student, Gangryong has to follow them and go to a school where everybody has supernatural powers.

This series is read from left to right as it is a Korean Manhwa.

Kaikisen – Return to the Sea

#416 Kaikisen – Return to the Sea

Alternative: Kaikisen , La stirpe della sirena , Return to the Sea , Summer of Tension , 海歸線
Authors/Artists: Kon Satoshi
Genres: Drama , Seinen , Supernatural

The legend has it that once upon a time, a pact was sealed between the Shinto priest of the town of Amide and a mermaid. Ever since, abundant fishing has guaranteed the town’s prosperity. This pact has always been honored by the priests of the Yashiro family. However, the legend has attracted both media and property developers, and the acting priest has acceded to their demands. Yosuke, youngest of the Yashiro family, has doubts about the existence of the mermaid, but will soon change his opinion as strange occurrences begin to unfold…

A Million Pound Love

#417 A Million Pound Love

Alternative: 100万ポンドの愛 , A Fairytale Judas , A Million Pound Love , A Million-Pound Love , お伽噺のユダ , メタルと花嫁 , Metal and the Bride , Metal to Hanayome , Noah's Spaceship , One More Myth , Reiko Shimizu Short Stories Collection #1 , A Milli
Authors/Artists: Shimizu Reiko

From Mangaupdates:
This is a collection of seven oneshot stories.

Translated so far...

1) A Million Pound Love (100万ポンドの愛)
A 80 year-old lady asks a 20 year-old playboy to marry her as a last wish, in exchange for one million pounds.

2) A Fairytale Judas (お伽話のユダ)
The Nobles can fly, are as white as snow, maybe whiter and even brighter.

3) Noah's Spaceship (ノアの宇宙船)
The eighteen year old Junior is suddenly switched with the fourteen year old Junior.

4) Metal and the Bride (メタルと花嫁)
Jack is a talented man, or is he?

Touhou - Amidst the Firefly Lights (Doujinshi)

#418 Touhou - Amidst the Firefly Lights (Doujinshi)

Alternative: 蛍火最中 , Touhou - Amidst the Firefly Lights , Touhou dj - Amidst the Firefly Lights
Authors/Artists: Fusuma Teahouse , Suichuu Hanabi
Genres: Action , Doujinshi , Fantasy

"Wriggle is the leader of the bugs. And sometimes a leader must prover her worth, even if it’s with her own blood."

13nichi wa Kin’youbi?

#419 13nichi wa Kin’youbi?

Alternative: 13 nichi wa Kinyoubi? , 13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? , 13nichi wa Kin'youbi? , 13日は金曜日? , 黑色星期五 , Friday the 13th?
Authors/Artists: Enomoto Chizuru
Genres: Horror , Mystery , Shoujo

Ema is obsessed with ghosts, and is even part of her school’s occult club. She’ll do anything that has to do with some crazy superstition about ghosts or spirits, and make sure that she goes out of her way to do it. Ema is known for this at school, and the series follows her pursues to find ghosts. Ema, unfortunately, cannot see the things that she loves, unlike a few of her friends…

Takidani Koukou  Club

#420 Takidani Koukou Club

Alternative: Takidani High Manga Club , 滝谷高校漫画倶楽部
Authors/Artists: Maybe
Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , School Life , Seinen

Masaki Masamichi has his heart set on joining the legendary manga club of Takidani High School. After all of his effort to get into Takidani High School and prepare for his club entrance, he finds out that a horrible change has happened to the club of which he dreamed. How will he cope with the disappointment of learning that his long-awaited club life consists of drawing ero-manga?

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