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Shouri no Akuma

#1475 Shouri no Akuma

Alternative: 勝利の悪魔 , 胜利的恶魔 , The Devil of Victory
Authors/Artists: Maki Youko

From StarryHeaven:
Tanakamori Asami, 16 years old. Because of her father’s debts, she’s forced to transfer from her elite school to her current one… Her new school is entirely full of strange people, in fact it’s kinda like a zoo… But there, she meets the beautiful Akira. Thanks to the charismatic Akira, Asami slowly, slowly she gets used to her new school. However several trials appear to Asami such as her family's finances, her classmates, and even in love. Her everyday life is bursting open in this romantic comedy!

Honey Bitter

#1481 Honey Bitter

Alternative: ハニービター , Tuổi mật ong (Vietnamese) , Honing Bitter (Dutch) , miel amarga ( spanish) , 甜涩的苦恋 , 苦涩的甜蜜 , Tuổi mật ong
Authors/Artists: Obana Miho

Because of the extraordinary power she has, Shuri Otokawa was always living in the dark full of fear and distress. Eventually, she decided to become more optimistic about her life when she started a new job at her aunt's research laboratory. However, at such a crucial time in her life, the one who appears in front of Shuri is...?!

Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata

#1482 Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata

Alternative: やさしい竜の殺し方 , 龍的溫柔殺伐 , Nguyện Ước Của Rồng , The Killing Method of a Kind Dragon , YasaRyu , 溫柔的殺死龍的方法 , Ang Paraan ng Pagpatay ng Mabait na Dragon (Filipino) , ?????????
Authors/Artists: Katou Eriko

The world is said to exist with yang, the world of humans and yin, the world of mythical beasts in conflict with each other. A long time ago, two clans who were involved in an unending war exchanged an inviolable pledge and started living in their own worlds. At that time, the king who ruled over all the mythical beasts gave his own sword to the human queen whom he dearly loved and vowed that if the queen or her descendants ever fall into danger, he himself and his descendants will surely come to save them...And now, when the third war is about to begin, a beautiful swordsman with the blood of the king of beasts had a fateful encounter with the aloof king of mythical beasts, and the story begins!

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu

#1483 Kujaku no Kyoushitsu

Alternative: クジャクの教室 , Kujaku no Kyōshitsu , Kujaku no Kyoshitsu , Kujyaku no Kyoushitsu , 孔雀教室 , Peacock Classroom
Authors/Artists: Takanashi Mitsuba

From Simple Scans: They're a group of peacocks who dance gracefully with their beautiful plumage that mesmerizes all eyes. Will Mariho's destiny be changed after meeting them...?!

Don't Cry, Girl

#1484 Don't Cry, Girl

Alternative: ドントクライ、ガール , لا تبكِ, يا فتاة
Authors/Artists: Yamashita Tomoko

Taeko's mother and dad are childish. So for the mean time she decideds to freeload at her dad's friends house. She knocks on the door to his place and he greets her...nude. This manga follows the daily life from now on for Taeko as she struggles with a nudist room mate, school and life. Will she find love in the mix?

Houkago, Kimi to Koi o Shite.

#1486 Houkago, Kimi to Koi o Shite.

Alternative: Houkago, Kimi to Koi Shite , Houkago, Kimi to Koi wo Shite. , 放課後キミと恋いをして。 , 放課後キミと恋をして。 , 放課後キミと恋 をして。
Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo

Compilation of seven pure love stories:

1. Girl's Revolution by IKEYAMADA Go

2. Haru ni Naru Made Matte (Wait Until The Spring Comes) by MINASE Ai
(Also included in 37°C no Boyfriend)

3. Puberty BABY by CHIBA Kozue
To Eri, Kaoru is like a troublesome little brother or a cute puppy. She's been taking care of him for fifteen years since they live in the same apartment. She thought he had no interest in girls but that changes when she catches him with a group of girls and flirting!
(Also included in 7 Genme wa Himitsu)

4. Koi, damono (Because, It's Love) by SHIRAISHI Yuki
While Jun is washing mops, the guy beside her becomes soaked through an accident. She hands him a handkerchief that's special to her. Before she could ask for it back, he gets dragged away with her important handkerchief!
(Also included in Akuma de Koibito)

5. Ore-Sama Housekeeper by ICHIKAWA Shou
(Also included in Ouchi e Kaerou)

6. Dare yori Soba de Kataomoi by HOSHIMORI Yukimo

7. Kanpeki na Kimi, Donkan na Anata. by HATTORI Miki

Boukyaku no Haou Roland

#1492 Boukyaku no Haou Roland

Alternative: 忘却の覇王ロラン , 忘却的霸王 , Boukyaku no Haou Roran , Rolan the Forgotten King
Authors/Artists: Haduki Tubasa

The selection of Rolan as the Commander of the Royal Family's Guard was a dangerous bet that could well undermine the survival of the empire. Around them, a mixture of mystery and speculation swirls to lead Rolan to his fate; LT Weapons, relics from The Lost World, Monsters appearing from History and the ambitions of Amenti, the leader of the Enemy forces.

Otasuke Miko Miko-chan

#1493 Otasuke Miko Miko-chan

Alternative: お助け巫女ミコちゃん , Rescue Maiden MIKO , 巫女巫女米可
Authors/Artists: Hiroichi

Ayumu Mikoshiba is a boy in junior high whose family runs an old shrine with few worshipers. In an effort to revive the shrine, Ayumu's parents decide he'll be the next in a long line of magical girls in the Mikoshiba family. Together with Fuu-chan, a small fox-like mascot character, Ayumu protects the peace of his town while cross-dressing.

Rhapsody in Heaven

#1494 Rhapsody in Heaven

Alternative: 狂想ヘヴン , Kyousou Heaven
Authors/Artists: Minami Kanan

From Tenshi-Tachi:
Tsukasa Miyu's life revolved around only one thing--swimming. She gets admitted to Tenkai Academy on a swimming scholarship. However, before the start of high school, she encounters Suzuki Aoi and gets drawn into a world that doesn't involve just swimming anymore...


#1495 14R

Alternative: 给刚开始恋爱的我们 , 14 Rating , For Us Who Begin to Love , Fourteen Rating , Koi o Hajimeru Bokutachi ni , Koiboku
Authors/Artists: Maki Youko
Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo

A volume of 5 romantic oneshots.

1) 14R -
Kawamura Tamaki, 14 years old.
Seen as a very serious class rep by everyone around. But, what does it mean to be serious? She too falls in love, and...!?
A blinding underworld unraveled here!!
- From ShoujoLove

2) Mahiru ni Kakedasu
3) Watakushi-sama

4) Koi wo Hajimeru Bokutachi ni (For Us Who Begin to Love) -
A girl, Kawai Oto, and a guy... Will they fall in love?
- From Dragon Voice Project

5) Daily News


#1499 Kiss/Hug

Alternative: キス/はぐ , キス/はぐ , キス/ハグ , Kiss/Hagu , Kiss/Hagumi , beso/abrazo
Authors/Artists: Mitsuki Kako

From Aerandria Scans:

Ryuu, a super-business-like transfer student from England with black hair and blue eyes just arrived! During the night of the Tanabata festival, Ryuu and Yukino became attracted to each other at first sight. He then declares, "You will be mine!" This brought confusion to Yukino, who has zero experience in love. But could she actually be falling in love?

Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara

#1506 Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara

Alternative: Anata ga Megane o Hazushitara , あなたがメガネをはずしたら , 眼鏡的秘密 , Hitorijime (KANESADA Yukio) , When He Takes Off His Glasses , Hitorijime
Authors/Artists: Kanesada Yukio
Genres: Drama , Romance , School Life , Shoujo , Smut

Collection of short stories: • Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara • Hitorijime: The playboy Haruya’s rule is to not decide on one girlfriend. I don’t like crowds so I can monopolize Haruya…!? • Goshujinsama to Yonde • Delicious!! - Renjou Host Boy • Houkago Engage - Houkago Host Club Final

The Queen's Knight

#1508 The Queen's Knight


From Tokyopop:
When Yuna Lee's mother moves to Germany to pursue a music degree, she's left to stay with her father, a university professor, and her three older brothers, who are fiercely overprotective of her.
During her summer vacation, she visits her mother in Germany, where she falls off a cliff and is rescued by Rieno, an 18-year-old knight living in the land of Phantasma. Rieno makes a deal with Yuna that because he has saved her life, she must marry him and become his queen. Indebted to him for saving her life, Yuna is torn between her normal world back home and life as Phantasma's Queen


#1513 Hikoukigumo

Alternative: ひこうきぐも , 拖曳的云
Authors/Artists: Saito Rin

University student Miyu always sacrifices time with her friends just so she could visit the house of her brother in law and his son. The brother in law tries to stop her from helping out around the house since their relationship should have ended after the death of his wife, but Miyu just would not give up. Why is she so adamant about hanging around them?

Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni

#1520 Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni

Alternative: ずっと好きだったくせに , Zutto Suki Datta Kuseni , (English) Though I'd always loved you
Authors/Artists: Kayoru

From Baka-Updates

1-3) Though I'd always loved you
Without notice, when Saki was In elementary school she was dumped by Chikage who was eight years her senior. She was extremely shocked because she believed that he would be her future husband! With a change of attitude, while at the high school entrance ceremony she decided that she dreamed of finding a new love, but at that time she met Chikage again, who has now become a teacher. As usual, she is shocked to realize that she still has feelings for Chikage. How does Chikage feel about Saki…?!

4) My Lovely Beast

5) Love, to Burn, Fingertip

6) In my Shining Eyes, I See Your Face

Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto

#1523 Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto

Alternative: あいひめ , あい・ひめ~愛と秘めごと~ , 爱秘密 , Ai Hime , Ai・Hime ~Love and Secret~ , Love princess- Love and Secret , Princesa del amor (Spanish) , حب و سر (arabic) , Ai hercegnő - Szerelem és titok(Hungarian)
Authors/Artists: Mitsuki Kako
Genres: Drama , Romance , Shoujo

They met. They kissed. The fate has brought them to be uncle and niece. Even though they're not blood-related, can Mao decide to love him and go through the struggles to give love for him?
-Serenus Dreamers

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji

#1525 Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji

Alternative: 恋色旋律☆ダブル王子 , Love-colored Melody - Double Prince
Authors/Artists: Mitsuki Miko

Inori is a dropout student at a music school…She has no talent, but she really loves the piano! She’s a huge fan of the two brother pianists who also go to the same school, Daichi and Kairi, and she vows that someday, she will definitely catch up to them!! However, her father disappeared while leaving behind a debt…Daichi and Kairi offers to support her with the tuition fee, and to lend her a room. However…?!

Youth Gone Wild

#1528 Youth Gone Wild

Alternative: 搖滾狂潮 , 락 비트 , Rock Beat , Tuổi Trẻ Cuồng Nhiệt
Authors/Artists: Lee Nicky
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo

Yating was working in a recording company until she was fired by her boss (a famous movie actress with a spoiled temperament). Discouraged and jobless, Yating decided to work in a pub where a famous group called "Gangster" regularly played. Along the way, she gets to meet this guy who has the most divine voice. Yating's luck then began to change when her uncle decides to retire and set up his own record company. He asks her to join in his ambition to create the most famous rock group in Taiwan. This is the story of how Yating, being the new manager, tried to create the ultimate rock band!

24 Colors - Hatsukoi no Palette

#1530 24 Colors - Hatsukoi no Palette


Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of joining the arts club. However, there's only two members-- the mysterious Chihaya and the energetic Kento. They're both good-looking guys, and Chihaya shares Nanaka's love for painting! Alongside the two gorgeous guys (and Nanaka's best friend)...what will happen?

-- NagareBoshi

Erotic Horror

#1535 Erotic Horror

Alternative: エロティック・ホラー , エロティック・ホラー-真夏の悪夢

Five creepy oneshots by five
different authors.

Fallen women: High school girls are all about their looks to get the boy they like. What do they love more their must important person or their own beauty?

Transient Future: The main character's day keeps repeating over and over every day. Each day our Tsukamoto's beloved Yoshi-kun dies. How can she prevent this from happening?

Knight Princess

#1543 Knight Princess


Yashi has wandered with her father for fourteen years, and only now has she discovered that her own mother is actually Bocinia’s current queen. To see her mother, from whom she was separated when she was just an infant, she and her father enter the palace, but she never thought she would accidentally run into the Princess of Bocinia, and then become her bodyguard by mistake...

After School Nightmare

#1545 After School Nightmare


"Sensei, is this a boy or a girl?"
"Do you want to know?"

Ichijo Mashiro and fellow classmates are enlisted in a mysterious weekly class that takes the form of a shared nightmare. Like most teenagers, Mashiro has a secret.. he's neither fully male nor female!

So far, Mashiro's been able to live life as a boy, but all this changes when he's informed of a new class he 'must' partake in order to graduate from his elite preparatory school. To pass, he must find the key and the one way to find it is to enter into a nightmare world, where his body and soul are put at the mercy of the worst kind of enemies -- other school students, who are battling to find the key.

From renowned author Mizushiro Setona, comes a riveting epic mystery that lies between the students, that will have you engrossed from one page to the next. Happiness, sadness, blood and tears will all be shown, but which one leads to an ending? Take the next step into the world of After School Nightmare!

From Go! Comi:
Like most teenagers, Mashiro Ichijo has a secret. But Mashiro’s secret is that he’s neither fully male nor female! So far, Mashiro’s been able to live his life as a boy, but all this changes when he’s informed of a new class he must take in order to graduate from his elite prep school. To pass, he must find the “Key”…and the only way to find it is to enter into a nightmare world where his body and soul are put at the mercy of the worst kind of enemies: his classmates!

Heroine Shikkaku

#1550 Heroine Shikkaku

Alternative: ヒロイン失格 , No Longer Heroine
Authors/Artists: Koda Momoko

This could be any girl. Imagine being a heroine of a love story. Hatori also believed that one day she would get married to her childhood friend, Rita.

But that's not how the world works! This is a hilarious comedy that honestly paints a painful unrequited love story of this young girl!

50 Rules for Teenagers

#1555 50 Rules for Teenagers

Alternative: 특명! 10대에 하지 않으면 안될 50가지 , 특명! 10대에 하지 않으면 안될 50가지 , 특명! 10대에 하지 않으면 안될 50가지 50 правила за тийнейджъри (Bulgarian) , خمسين قاعدة للمُراهقين , 50 Reglas para Adolescentes
Authors/Artists: Na Ye-ri , Na Yeri

From ADV:
While most people her age are having fun, with little or no worries, Mi-Roo is stuck playing the role of student, homemaker and full-time babysitter to her siblings. With a mother who is gone more than half of the time, an overworked older sister who's a manhwa artist, and a lazy twin brother who serves only as a hindrance, Mi-Roo is trapped in a constant balancing act of housework and schoolwork. She’s no superhero though, and it will take more than her undaunted determination to stay afloat!

Taming the Cat Master

#1560 Taming the Cat Master

Alternative: 고양이, 주인님을 길들이다 , Meo Meo Dịu Dàng Đi Nhé !
Authors/Artists: Han Yu Rang , Han Yu-rang

A cat went in the hot-tempered KANG Jae-Young's villa.
Forbid approach to my room and my library.
Things must be always in place.
I hate messy things and clamor.
Just follow the rules!
Darn! >v<
I won't be daunted.
It's not like that I want to live passively and say no other words but "meow meow".
Seems to be acting modestly, and all of a sudden extrudes the claws while sounding "Grr.." like a wild cat.
Now can love be formed?!!
Let's wait and see.
The vicissitudinous cohabitation diary~

Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute

#1563 Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute

Alternative: ひとりぼっちはさみしくて , Hitori Bocchi wa Samishikute , Ich wünschte, ich könnte fliegen... , It's Lonely By Myself , Lonely Without You , 没有你的这份孤单 , Ako'y Malungkot Kapag Mag-isa Lamang , Ich wünschte, ich könnte fliegen , Ich wüns
Authors/Artists: Chiba Kozue

All she could ever think about was flying. Shio is a loner who has a secret dream locked up inside of her. However, she encounters a situation with the guy that will change her life forever.. and so the journey towards her dreams will slowly begin to unravel.

Tutto quello a cui riusciva a pensare era volare. Shio è una ragazza solitaria con un sogno segreto chiuso in un cassetto. Ad un certo punto incontrerà un ragazzo che le cambierà la vita per sempre... e così il viaggio attraverso i suoi sogni diventerà pian piano senza ritorno.

Liselotte to Majo no Mori

#1564 Liselotte to Majo no Mori

Alternative: リーゼロッテと魔女の森 , 莉泽罗缇与魔女之森 , Witch's Forest , ليزي لوت وغابة الساحرة , Liselotte &amp; Witch's Forest , Liselotte And Witch's Forest , 童話魔女之森 , 莉澤羅緹與魔女之森 , Liselotte et la forêt de la sorcière (french)
Authors/Artists: Takaya Natsuki

They say that in a place far, far away; in the east, of the east, of the east… there is a forest where witches dwell. They are said to bestow blessings or inflict curses, brew potions in steaming cauldrons, practice their magic… and fly their brooms into the night sky. This is where Liselotte has decided to live, in the small chance that she may one day revisit a certain person from her past – but only if the witches don’t get to her first…


#1565 Cyboy

Alternative: サイボーイ -改造少年- , 改造少年 , Cyborg Boy , Kaizo Shonen Cyboy , Kaizou Shounen Cyboy , Psi-Boy , Rebuilt Boy Cyboy , Sai Boy , Saiboi
Authors/Artists: Nishikata Mai

When he was younger, Kujou Kiyosumi was incredibly awkward and nerdy. One day in elementary school, he courageously confessed his love to a girl, but she told him in front of the whole classroom that he was "disgusting" to be around. Shocked, Kiyosumi asked the coolest guy in the class, Sagiya Maki, to help him become more likable, too. Thus, began the days of training and now in high school, he had finally achieved most popular status alongside Maki. Everything seemed to be going along smoothly until...

24 Colors ~Hatsukoi no Palette~

#1569 24 Colors ~Hatsukoi no Palette~

Alternative: 24 Colors , 24 Colors - Hatsukoi no Palette , 24 Warna , 24Colors~初恋のパレット~ , 七色之戀
Authors/Artists: Chiba Kozue

Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of joining the arts club. However, there are only two members--the mysterious Chihaya and the energetic Kento. They're both good-looking guys, and Chihaya shares Nanaka's love for painting! Alongside the two gorgeous guys (and Nanaka's best friend)... what will happen?

Sora Oto

#1570 Sora Oto

Alternative: ソラオト , 送別天使 , Hanaoto , Hane Oto , Kimi Oto , Kimioto , Soraoto
Authors/Artists: Takamiya Satoru

"Heaven" is a company. The job of the "Messenger of Death" is to deliver the souls of the dead to heaven. The Messengers of Death are ranked according to ability. Uka, a "Rank C" dropout, is normally an average, easy-going high school girl. One day, she is teamed up with Tsumugi, one of the "Rank A" arrogant elite!

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