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Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)

#20912 Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)

Authors/Artists: Katsura Masakazu

From Manga Syndrome:

"It's a day in the life of NEXT, people with special abilities, and Sternbild City's heroes. They save lives, they solve cases, and they're on Hero TV!

Among the heroes is an unlikely combination of the veteran Kotetsu Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger, and hotshot rookie, Barnaby J. Brooks. Apart from having the same ability, they seem to have nothing in common. Will this highly anticipated combination work at all?

Furthermore, in an attempt to make Hero TV even more popular, the heroes are tasked to master their entry poses. Read on as NEXT balances their everyday superhero duties with being TV personalities."

Trouble in the Classroom

#20923 Trouble in the Classroom


Sagigo, a high school girl, befriends a bunch of male delinquent friends who are making a bet when the teacher will quit his job. They will go to any means to do so. What side will Sagigo side take? The teacher's or her friends' side?

Saikou Densetsu

#20925 Saikou Densetsu

Authors/Artists: Fujisawa Tohru

Ikewaki Gajirou, nicknamed Gacchan, is the most valorous of the Big 5 in his school. He's a pretty good person. However, he has one flaw that people fear him for...


#20936 Couple

Alternative: カップル
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu , Yuu Watase
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Inaho,17 anni,è innamorata di un suo compagno di classe, Takumi. Lei gli regala sempre qualcosa fatto a mano, tanto che alla fine lui si affeziona e finalmente le chiede di uscire. Nel giorno dell'appuntamento i due salgono su una barchetta a forma di cigno. Il giorno dopo lei racconta alle amiche di essere salita su quella barchetta con lui e queste le rivelano che le coppie che ci salgono sopra, si separano sempre. Lei è disperata e va nella classe di Takumi, ma le dicono che lui le ha lasciato un messaggio: può andare senza di lui a casa perchè aveva una cosa da sbrigare. Lei ci rimane malissimo e pensa di nuovo alla maledizione del cigno. Scopre che dietro a tutto questo dovrebbe esserci una dea, Benten,che fa separare le coppiette per gelosia. Inaho va nel tempio per sfidare la dea e le chiede di restituirle Takumi...

Clamp in Wonderland EX

#20937 Clamp in Wonderland EX

Authors/Artists: Apapa Mokona , Clamp , Nekoi Tsubaki
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

Many different oneshots published in Newtype Magazine, each involving xxxHOLiC and another CLAMP title.

Kindai Mahjong:
A short gag "series" that Clamp draws in various magazines. This one came from Kindai Mahjong, a gambling magazine. It features a certain blond bishie from Gohou Drug along with a couple of other characters from xxxHOLiC.

Amai Kamiato

#20938 Amai Kamiato

Alternative: 甘い咬みあと , Sweet After Bites
Authors/Artists: Tsukuba Sakura

Ren is a "tame" vampire and currently spends his lifetime with a detective as blood donor while in return he helps her investigate at night. Then suddenly, the most unimagineable thing happens: Ren's daughter Maia appears, but vampires can't have children!

A Drop of Ocean

#20950 A Drop of Ocean

Authors/Artists: Takahashi Mako
Genres: One Shot , Shoujo Ai

From Lililicious: "A Drop of Ocean," by Takahashi Mako, is a short summer story about two friends.

Heart no Present

#20960 Heart no Present

Alternative: ハートのプレゼント , Present of the heart
Authors/Artists: Enomoto Chizuru

The second story of the 5 short stories in the volume work Kakattekinasai!

Iida is one of the best basketball players. He even has his own cheering section. Tsubaki finds herself staring at him while she practices her shoots. But her team is not even good. And if they don't find a way to win the next basketball game, their team might get canceled!

This Time It Was A Kiss For Sure

#20981 This Time It Was A Kiss For Sure

Authors/Artists: Yamazaki Michio
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Nagiko has wished to have her first kiss ever since she heard her classmate's story. However, the person she wished to do it with seems to enjoy quarrelling with her instead. Is the Christmas Party going to be her chance to win him over and finally have her first kiss?

TakuLez Meet-Up Report

#21003 TakuLez Meet-Up Report

Authors/Artists: Morishima Akiko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

A brief story about a lesbian otaku meet-up.

Boku no Kirai na Akuma

#21006 Boku no Kirai na Akuma

Alternative: 僕のキライなアクマ , Evil Resident
Authors/Artists: Konatsu

From Delish Scans:

Maa-kun is plagued by a demon that only he can see! How can he get rid of it?

Unforgettable LANGUAGE

#21008 Unforgettable LANGUAGE

Alternative: 忘不了的旋律 , Wasurene no Language
Authors/Artists: Yumeka Sumomo

Futaba, whose father is an oceanographer, has transferred schools 8 times because of his work. Afraid of eventually being forgotten, she tries not to make any new friends at her new school.

Painful Love III

#21010 Painful Love III

Authors/Artists: Nananan Kiriko
Genres: Drama , Josei , One Shot , Romance

Kohei's girlfriend has found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman. Follow what happens as Kohei left his girlfriend for another.


#21016 Strawberry

Authors/Artists: Kamo Nabako
Genres: Doujinshi , Mecha , One Shot , Yaoi

Sou is a robot created by Doctor Kei who takes care of Ringo, the doctor's son. One day after picking Ringo up from school, they see a man who shares Sou's name confronting the doctor. And what's this? He is the splitting image of Sou?

Brigit's Supper

#21020 Brigit's Supper

Alternative: ブリギットの晩餐 , Brigit no Bansan , Brigit's Dinner
Authors/Artists: Samura Hiroaki

By the author of ever-popular manga, Blade of the Immortal. A story taking place in Germany, Brigit gets separated from her brother and is taken to an auction where she is sold. Her expected buyer's task is explained to her. She soon becomes close with the new person she meets.

-- Manga Updates

Shitasaki no Netsu

#21023 Shitasaki no Netsu

Alternative: 舌先の熱
Authors/Artists: Kunieda Saika

Valentine Day special with the couple from Mimitabu no Riyuu (prequel). Eight years later, they are still the same.


#21024 Kagome

Authors/Artists: Dr.ten

When a young master’s father unexpectedly passes away, he knew he wouldn‘t be free from the madness his father left behind. His father’s eccentric tastes led him to buy and raise his very own lover and now that he has died his father’s lover is to be his responsibility. Old wounds are torn open and the painful past resurface once again.


#21031 Kaiten!

Alternative: カイテン!!
Authors/Artists: Hoshino Katsura
Genres: One Shot , Shounen
Sweet Medicine

#21033 Sweet Medicine

Authors/Artists: Tanaka Meca

Natsuo is suffering from a weak heart, and is mostly confined to the infirmary, the taste of bitter medicine in his mouth. Chiaki is a girl with horrible baking skills, yet dreams of becoming a baker whose cakes will be loved by everyone. Can this girl with bitter cakes sweeten a boy's bitter medicine?

Sono Saki no Sweet

#21040 Sono Saki no Sweet

Authors/Artists: Haruta Nana
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Hidaka Mao was confessed to by her crush Chihiro-kun in junior high, but as soon as they started going out, she became unable to communicate with him. She is still confused about her feelings, but will this year's Valentine's day bring them together again!?

reading direction => RIGHT to LEFT

Love at the Fingertip

#21044 Love at the Fingertip

Genres: Drama , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

[From Perfect Ilusions]:

For her first time confessing, Riko decides to go all out--especially with her makeup! In the end she winds up humiliating herself. And worst of all, she runs into her enemy from school, Kenta. But, after finding out a secret of Kenta's, things start to change. Can her enemy actually become her savior?

A story about beauty that touches beyond the surface.

Cool Lady

#21051 Cool Lady

Authors/Artists: Nananan Kiriko

A man sets out to search the identity of a kinky dream woman from a drawing he drew of her.


#21054 Fukugaeru

Alternative: ふくがえる
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu

Kaoru, a single woman in her thirties, meets a magical frog that gives her the chance to live as a housewife. A really cute short story about being happy with the life you have.

Lily White

#21065 Lily White

Authors/Artists: Ruri Hozuki , Sakura Shio
Genres: One Shot , Yuri

"Lily White," by Ruri Hozuki and Sakura Shio, is a yuri version of the fairy tale Snow White. It's an illustrated story rather than a manga.

Kaeri Michi

#21068 Kaeri Michi

Alternative: The Way Home , 帰り道 (諸星大二郎)
Authors/Artists: Morohoshi Daijirou

Two brothers encounter something strange on their way home from the train station.

Dream Trip

#21075 Dream Trip

Authors/Artists: Chi-ran
Genres: One Shot , Shoujo Ai

Oneshot from Sayuri-hime 2

"Dream Trip" is a mini-sequel to Chi-Ran's "Dream Drops"


#21093 Tsuttsukumon!

Alternative: 憑っつくもん!
Authors/Artists: Takamura Masaya

A short story about a girl who is supposed to be a spirit medium, but her lack of self-discipline allows even the spirits of stray cats to take control of her body.

That Summer

#21097 That Summer

Authors/Artists: Matsumoto Tomo
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

A short romance story of a Japanese schoolgirl and an American army brat on the summer of her 15th year.


#21109 NOIZ

Authors/Artists: Higuchi Daisuke


The Beautiful Curse

#21120 The Beautiful Curse

Authors/Artists: Jin Gyung
Genres: Fantasy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From MegKF:

Travelers come to a village in search of fairies.

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