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N is for Nishiki

#20905 N is for Nishiki


Kokoro is a simple fifth grader whose life is living hell. Each day she have to practice summoning shikigami !!Since her family is very vulnerable to demon attack !!But will she be able to summoning one?

Catch Smile!

#20914 Catch Smile!

Authors/Artists: Shiranagi Yurika
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Rui cannot play baseball any more, and all Kunihiro wants is for Rui to smile again.

Sound of the Star

#20922 Sound of the Star


#20923 Roll

Alternative: ロール
Authors/Artists: Saizaki Ren
Genres: Action , Fantasy , One Shot , Shounen

An evil organization seeks the scroll of immortality. Standing in their way is a swordsman with a red sword. A story spanning hundreds of years will come to a conclusion in this action-packed one-shot.

Natural Angel

#20926 Natural Angel

Authors/Artists: Arai Kiyoko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Natural Angel is a series of three oneshot stories in a sequel to the popular series Angel Lip.

Story 1 - "Natural Angel" : Natsu, a fashion model, struggles to find satisfaction in her line of work. Just as her self-esteem hits a new low, a mysterious lipstick called "Angel Lip" appears before her, boosting her confidence in herself as a model.

Story 2 - "Milky Angel" : When she was young, Sumire made a promise to a childhood friend to succeed as a model. Years later, haunted by her past experiences, she has long withdrawn from modeling. Then one day, an old friend comes back into her life. Can Naoki convince her to return to the world of modeling?

Story 3 - "17-Seventeen" :Moe thought her relationship with her popular schoolmate Gou was over for good. But things have a way of surprising you...

A Train at the End of Summer

#20928 A Train at the End of Summer

Authors/Artists: Mizumaru Anzai
Genres: Drama , One Shot , Romance , Seinen

If I could describe it in a few words, I’d say “poetic”, “lonely”, and “deliberate”. There’s a touch of the sadness that comes at the end of summer, the transition into cold and quiet. It feels heavy with undertones. Every word seems deliberate and filled with meaning.

Shounen Aromatic

#20929 Shounen Aromatic

Alternative: Aromatic Boy
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu

Kabuki Takitsugu is a son from a family of the "Fragrance Way", who has the special ability to smell out human scents. A girl named Hatsune appears before Kabuki while he is making money on school grounds by matchmaking people. But for some reason he can't smell Hatsune's scent.


#20935 -SINS-

Alternative: シンズ
Authors/Artists: Miura Masataka
Genres: One Shot , Shounen

#20937 Semishigure

Authors/Artists: Nanaka Amu
Genres: Historical , One Shot , Yaoi

(From In The Water):

It's 1904. Natsume, the son of a old and prominent family, is cursed with a small, frail body. Because of this, he isn't qualified to enlist in the Japanese forces for the upcoming war with Russia. He is unhappily resigned to becoming a teacher. That is until he meets Daigo, a student. Daigo reminds Natsume that he could inspire and lead just as many future soldiers and leaders of Japan as a teacher, as he could as an officer. Daigo promises to become a great solider under Natsume's tutelage. But unlike Natsume, Daigo isn't in it only for the honor of Japan.

Today's Skies Are Clear

#20944 Today's Skies Are Clear

Alternative: Oita Shichatta
Authors/Artists: Shinba Rize

Ch 1: Today's Skies are Clear
Matsudaira Yasunobu and Hatori Takashi, President and Vice President of the student council are always seen bickering. With both being the sons of opposing boss groups, it was only natural right? However, once eyes are off them, these two love each other with a passion. What'll become of this romeo-juliet relationship?

Truth of a Lily

#20972 Truth of a Lily

Alternative: 莲之实 , The Truth of Rin
Authors/Artists: Misha

Guo Guo's father had wished for her to go to college, so when he died, her mother tried to fulfill his dying wish more than ever. As a result, Guo Guo constantly skips school. Lian is the only one who can help her. What will her final answer be?

Shichigatsu no Mahoutsukai

#20990 Shichigatsu no Mahoutsukai


Collection of short stories:
• 10-gatsu no Oujo to Boku
(Queen and Me in October)
• Oujisama 11-gatsu no Yuutsu
(The Prince Melancholy in
• Shichigatsu no Mahoutsukai
A love story between a
magician and his princess!
• Gozen no Mori

Atashi Hitori de Daijoubu

#20998 Atashi Hitori de Daijoubu

Alternative: アタシ1人で大丈夫 , I'm Okay By Myself
Authors/Artists: Ono Yurie
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Shoujo , Sports

Tired of the weak and childish guys in her class, Uematsu Akira is determined not to rely on any guys! The day before the school athletics meet, she decides that the only way her class can win is if she goes it alone. However, one guy might just be able to change her mind…

Song in Blue

#20999 Song in Blue

Authors/Artists: Amano Tenshi

From Lililicious: "Song in Blue," by Amano Tenshi, is a slightly more upbeat look at the "my ex is getting married" story.

Nidome no Yakusoku

#21007 Nidome no Yakusoku

Alternative: The Second Promise
Authors/Artists: Higuchi Yuuri
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Jun was Hayato's servant and childhood friend, but it came to an abrupt end when Jun decided to go to a different school. Now, in high school, they've been reunited. Jun must now figure out what he means to Hayato after all these years.


#21014 Shinobigoto

Alternative: しのびごと , Whispered Things
Authors/Artists: Kusakawa Nari

Female high school student, Chiya, encounters a tragic ghost in a pond.

Touhou Project dj - Tabecha Dame Desu Yuyuko-sama!

#21023 Touhou Project dj - Tabecha Dame Desu Yuyuko-sama!

Alternative: 食べちゃダメですゆゆこさまっ! , Touhou Project dj - Don't Eat It, Yuyuko-sama!
Authors/Artists: Neko No Sakegoto , Sazanami Mio
Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , Ecchi , One Shot

Youmu decides to impose some stringent limits on Yuyuko?s diet. And of course that will have grave consequences soon enough.

Kazekou Engekibu

#21024 Kazekou Engekibu

Authors/Artists: Asagi Hikaru
Baby Cinnamon

#21048 Baby Cinnamon

Alternative: ベビーシナモン
Authors/Artists: Inugami Sukune

Hayasaka is a mangaka who just turned in his last manuscript to his editor, Sakurai. Somehow, she loses it before submitting it.

The Secret Stream

#21054 The Secret Stream

Alternative: 秘密のせせらぎ , Himitsu no Seseragi , Secret Stream
Authors/Artists: Yoshitomi Akihito

Risa and Tomoko, two girls who wanted to purify their tainted hearts at a secret stream.
-Dynasty Scans

Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

#21060 Sono Te kara Tsutawaru

Alternative: I Can Tell by Your Hand
Authors/Artists: Kyuugou

Two cousins who have always been together, but one is leaving for school, will they be able to stay connected?

A short sweet story.

Clamp in Wonderland EX

#21066 Clamp in Wonderland EX

Authors/Artists: Apapa Mokona , Clamp , Nekoi Tsubaki
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

Many different oneshots published in Newtype Magazine, each involving xxxHOLiC and another CLAMP title.

Kindai Mahjong:
A short gag "series" that Clamp draws in various magazines. This one came from Kindai Mahjong, a gambling magazine. It features a certain blond bishie from Gohou Drug along with a couple of other characters from xxxHOLiC.

Satsuki no Sora

#21071 Satsuki no Sora

Alternative: サツキノソラ , Satsuki's Sky
Authors/Artists: Sakura Roku
Genres: Action , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

From AQUA Scans:

The people that are infected with the maka's sprout, are fated to feed the flower until it blooms, which ends their lives.
The maka -humanoid demons-, carrying its own sprout, are chased by Satsuki, and the maka known as Blue Rose greets Satsuki as a "Hero". What will this encounter bring...?

Kimi wa Candy

#21073 Kimi wa Candy

Alternative: 君はキャンディ , You're Candy
Authors/Artists: Hirose Natsume
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Rebellious Love:
Mizukoshi gets to sit beside Hidaka this time and, he's cute and popular, how lucky! Mizukoshi can't help falling in love with him, but he has a girlfriend! What's Mizukoshi going to do? Includes a few other cute short stories.

Another Day on the Planet

#21074 Another Day on the Planet


From Liquid Passion:

An interesting look at Hikaru and Yuki after the events in Rules volume 3. This booklet was a special mail away item from Chara for purchasing Rules v1-3 as they were published.

Whimsical story about Yuki and an alien (maybe)...

Where the Wind Returns To

#21077 Where the Wind Returns To

Alternative: 風の還る場所 , Kaze no Kaeru Basho , To Where the Wind Returns
Authors/Artists: Nanase Aoi
Genres: Drama , Fantasy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

A girl with a love who happens to be from a long time ago.

Toubou Waltz

#21079 Toubou Waltz

Alternative: Runaway Waltz
Authors/Artists: [add] , Hachiya Momo
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

A story about two (maybe) star-crossed lovers, some passionate secret code words, police chases, a missing gem, and endless food buffets!

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