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Flying Witch (ISHIOKA Chikai)

#21055 Flying Witch (ISHIOKA Chikai)

Alternative: ふらいんぐ☆うぃっち
Authors/Artists: Ishioka Chikai

Akira Matsumoto doesn't dislike being chased by girls. In fact, he likes it.

But if he's going to be killed ... well, that's a different matter.

Matenrou Maybe

#21066 Matenrou Maybe

Authors/Artists: Oyamada Ami
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Hiroto was homeless and jobless when he met Tomo, a successful businessman who was unlucky in love. As a temporary solution to both their problems, Tomo bought Hiroto for the night. After the night was up, Tomo let Hiroto stay with him and even got him a job at his company. But Hiroto doesn't really know where he stands with Tomo, and after he sees him hugging a woman on the street, he's even more uncertain.


#21073 Yajirushi

Authors/Artists: Harada

A student who’s had it super easy his whole life & an errand boy with communication difficulties.

Kimi to Boku no Junjou Renai Jijou

#21077 Kimi to Boku no Junjou Renai Jijou


Minami and Ritsu are next door neighbors and childhood friends. Minami's drama club is about to put on a play but their male lead is injured, so Ritsu has to step in as the male lead. What will happen to the play if they keep arguing?


#21081 Superglue

Authors/Artists: Kago Shintaro
Genres: Horror , Mature , One Shot

A town is infected by something so disgusting that if someone steps on it, they are too disgusted to remove their foot, leaving them there to die.

In the Afternoon...

#21083 In the Afternoon...

Alternative: In the Afternoon
Authors/Artists: Konno Kita

"In the Afternoon..." is the sequel to Konno Kita's earlier work "Nowhere to Go". Moriya's antics continue, and Miwa comes down with a cold. (from Lililicious)

King of the Game

#21094 King of the Game


Two high school friends take advantage of their friend's love for gaming by devising a game of their own to prevent him getting too close to a girl. As playing the game he realizes their intentions and turns the tables around...

Senaka no Otoko

#21102 Senaka no Otoko


Kobouku Biri always finds her eyes to gaze at a particular person. She does not know what his face looks like because his back is always toward hers. She tries hard to see his face and when she does...? ~LB


#21103 Falling

Alternative: 落下
Authors/Artists: Itou Junji
Genres: Horror , One Shot

200 people from the same town have mysteriously disappeared. Where did they go and why?

Love Suicide

#21104 Love Suicide

Alternative: 恋のスーサイド , Koi no Suicide
Authors/Artists: Nakayama Atsushi
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

Aotsuki has started working part-time at a cafe, but the boss there is kind of scary. His boss has asked him to help him out with his crush on an employee, the pretty Sonezaki Majiyu. Will Aotsuki be able to set his boss up with her, or will he face the dire consequences of his failure?

Flying Witch

#21112 Flying Witch

Alternative: ふらいんぐ☆うぃっち
Authors/Artists: Ishioka Chikai

Akira Matsumoto doesn't dislike being chased by girls. In fact, he likes it.

But if he's going to be killed ... well, that's a different matter.

Pajama de Ojama

#21122 Pajama de Ojama

Alternative: パジャマでおじゃま , An Intrusion in Pajamas , Pajama Party
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu

Misaki Aguri is the only girl in the Judo team, and she has a crush on the Captain. One day one of her friends tells her of an old Chinese magic. That if the wears the same pajamas as her crush, that she will appear in his room! Just slide his picture under your pillow and TADA! However, things don't go exactly as planned...

This was Yuu Watase's debut piece.

Misaki Aguri è l'unica ragazza nel club di Judo, e ha una cotta per il capitano. Un giorno uno dei suoi amici la mette al corrente di una vecchia magia cinese. Parla di usare il medesimo pigiama della persona amata, così lei apparirà nella stanza di lui. Fa quindi scivolare la sua foto sotto il suo guanciale e TADAN! Comunque, le cose non vanno esattamente come pianificato...

Touhou dj - Magnet Girl

#21126 Touhou dj - Magnet Girl

Authors/Artists: Jalapeno Chips Uro

A book doesn’t have to be magical to be sleep-inducing, we all know that. But sometimes a little nap can bring… unexpected consequences.

Moonlight Goddess Diana

#21131 Moonlight Goddess Diana

Authors/Artists: Hanamori Pink
Genres: Fantasy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

A girl named Yumia is discovered by a good looking lad named Yo. He’s actually Apollo, God of the Sun, and has been searching for thousands of years for his long lost goddess Diana, and Yumia may just be the key!

Read this manga from right to left

Himawari Saita

#21134 Himawari Saita

Alternative: ひまわり咲た
Authors/Artists: Kuromasa Shisei

Himawari has always only needed her twin Nazuna, until an unwelcome pest comes along.

Itsudatte My Santa

#21140 Itsudatte My Santa

Alternative: いつだってMyサンタ! , Always My Santa , ซานต้าบ๊องต้องเป็นเธอ! (Thai)
Authors/Artists: Akamatsu Ken
Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

In the story, a girl called Mai appears before a boy who happens to hate Christmas. As it turns out he was born on December 24 and thus was named Santa, causing him to hate the holiday. Moreover, as a child, he never had any festive occasions, such as birthday parties. With the power of Christmas, Mai is given the mission to improve his luck and change his views for the better.

Line (OTSUKI Miu)

#21146 Line (OTSUKI Miu)

Alternative: ライン (OTSUKI Miu)
Authors/Artists: Otsuki Miu

From Cosmique Scans:

Shima and Nobunaga have been together for 10 years. Though they surpassed several trials through their relationship, why is it that Shima still feels insecure?

Family Fight

#21153 Family Fight

Alternative: 家族喧嘩 , Kazokugenka
Authors/Artists: Mizuno Sayaka [add]

A one-shot about a typical Shoujo manga character living in a Seinen world.

To the Sea

#21154 To the Sea

Authors/Artists: Asada Nemui
Chocolate-Covered Almonds

#21160 Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Authors/Artists: Nohara Mini
Genres: Drama , One Shot , Shoujo Ai

In Nohara Mini's "Chocolate-Covered Almonds," a woman thinks about someone from her past.

A Cruel God

#21162 A Cruel God

Authors/Artists: Takano Youko
Genres: Drama , One Shot , Shoujo Ai

Kei is interested in a woman at the gym. Imagine her surprise when she sees her in a lesbian bar!

Akisato Wakuni Kessakushuu

#21181 Akisato Wakuni Kessakushuu

Alternative: おだまり! 秋里和国傑作集 , デッド・エンド 秋里和国傑作集 , Dead End (AKISATO Wakuni) , Jukkaime no Jukkai , Odamari! , Ten Commandments&quot , , The Tenth Ten Commandments
Authors/Artists: Akisato Wakuni
Genres: One Shot , Shoujo , Shoujo Ai

Collection of the author's best works:

Titles included:
1) Dead End
2) Odamari! (Shut up!)
3)The Tenth Ten Commandments

*scanlated in bold

Toki Wa...

#21182 Toki Wa...

Alternative: 時は.. , As for Time... , Toki Wa
Authors/Artists: Akimoto Osamu

Toki wa… is a manga about two guys who travel back in time and visit Tokiwa Manor in the 1950′s. Tokiwa Manor is an apartment building where Osamu Tezuka, the father of modern manga / anime, and many other early influential mangaka once lived.

Natural Angel

#21184 Natural Angel

Authors/Artists: Arai Kiyoko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Natural Angel is a series of three oneshot stories in a sequel to the popular series Angel Lip.

Story 1 - "Natural Angel" : Natsu, a fashion model, struggles to find satisfaction in her line of work. Just as her self-esteem hits a new low, a mysterious lipstick called "Angel Lip" appears before her, boosting her confidence in herself as a model.

Story 2 - "Milky Angel" : When she was young, Sumire made a promise to a childhood friend to succeed as a model. Years later, haunted by her past experiences, she has long withdrawn from modeling. Then one day, an old friend comes back into her life. Can Naoki convince her to return to the world of modeling?

Story 3 - "17-Seventeen" :Moe thought her relationship with her popular schoolmate Gou was over for good. But things have a way of surprising you...

The Love's Red Signals

#21185 The Love's Red Signals

Authors/Artists: Hibiki Nami

Nae Kobayashi has a huge problem - she gets a nosebleed every time she sees her crush!

Nae and Shuji were chidhood friends, but they havent seen or talked to each other in years. Shuji takes it personally while Nae is only keeping her distance because everytime she sees Shuji, her crush, she gets a nose bleed. So what's Nae suppose to do when her and Shuji get assigned to the same homeroom, moreover they're both elected to be the class representitives?!
By SakuraKissXO

For You, My Beloved

#21191 For You, My Beloved

Authors/Artists: Sasaki Aya , Yoshizaki Nagi

Aya and Hiromi are students at the same nursing school. Aya has known from a young age that she is a lesbian, and when she falls for Hiromi, the two of them end up becoming a couple. Thanks to Aya's influence, Hiromi begins to come out of her shell and stand up to her strict, controlling parents. However, her newfound rebellious streak could spell disaster for their relationship...


#21195 Katakoihime

Authors/Artists: Otsu Hiyori

Ooishi has never had a crush on anyone, believing it was easier not to love. Until the moment she meets Mizuho, a self-proclaimed "Mermaid" who's love will never be returned.

Utaenai Fairy

#21199 Utaenai Fairy

Authors/Artists: Natsume Mikan
Genres: One Shot , Shoujo

A story about an online singing star who's afraid to let anyone know who she really is.

Hana to Watashi ni Ongaku o

#21202 Hana to Watashi ni Ongaku o

Alternative: 花と私に音楽を , Hana to Watashi , Hana to Watashi ni Ongaku wo
Authors/Artists: Mizusaki Hakura

From Aerandria Scans:

I’ll sing this song for you in the garden… so come and listen to the song while gazing at flowers.

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