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Veil of Rain

#20866 Veil of Rain

Alternative: Ame no Beeru
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Taguchi fantasizes about the ever-cheerful Kanzaki. Does he have other expressions besides the happy face he shows the world? One day, they get caught at school because of a rain storm and Taguchi finally gets his chance to find out.

On (KUROSAKI Rendou)

#20870 On (KUROSAKI Rendou)

Authors/Artists: Kurosaki Rendou
Genres: Josei , One Shot , Yaoi

A male homosexual couple cuddles and fools around in bed, while talking about their relationship.

Uchuu no Sparrow

#20880 Uchuu no Sparrow

Alternative: 宇宙のSPARROW , Space Sparrow
Authors/Artists: Takahashi Ichirou

After Tsubaki Ryuta is run over by an alien, he receives superpowers that he can’t control. How is Ryuta going to make use of his new powers? Being the new hero of town could be an option, but…

Anne-chan Tarou

#20894 Anne-chan Tarou

Alternative: あんねちゃんたろう
Authors/Artists: Fukushima Teppei
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

Ichinose Tarou is at the age where he's really awkward about girls, but he's been chosen to perform along with a girl in a year end festival. His partner is Momozono Anne, the daughter of his father's boss, who seems to be in love with Tarou for some unknown reason. The two of them are supposed to build a snow demon and destroy it together at the festival, but Tarou would be happy to avoid Anne and do all the work alone. How will Tarou deal with this unwanted intruder in his life?

Satsuki no Sora

#20895 Satsuki no Sora

Alternative: サツキノソラ , Satsuki's Sky
Authors/Artists: Sakura Roku
Genres: Action , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

From AQUA Scans:

The people that are infected with the maka's sprout, are fated to feed the flower until it blooms, which ends their lives.
The maka -humanoid demons-, carrying its own sprout, are chased by Satsuki, and the maka known as Blue Rose greets Satsuki as a "Hero". What will this encounter bring...?

Hana Saita

#20915 Hana Saita

Alternative: 花咲いた , Blossomed Flower , Hana, Saita (FUJIKURA Mao)
Authors/Artists: Fujikura Mao
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Ivyscan:

Sari, who likes nail-painting, hasn't thought much about her future. One day she meets her classmate in the library. He praises her nails and gives her an idea for what she could do in the future - her future. They start to get closer but will someone get in the way?

Nishikaze to Taiyou

#20922 Nishikaze to Taiyou

Alternative: Nishikaze to Taiyou: Zephyr and Sol , 西風と太陽 , The West Wind and the Sun
Authors/Artists: Mashima Hiro

Nishikaze to Taiyou (lit. The West Wind and the Sun) is a one-shot from Mashima Hiro, mangaka of Rave Master and Fairy Tail. The story follows treasure hunters Zephyr (西風) and Sol (太陽) as they search for a statue of a goddess atop a mountain. They find the statue, but suddenly, the statue comes to life...!

Kaeru no Saiban

#20951 Kaeru no Saiban

Alternative: Frog Judgement , Kaeru Saiban
Authors/Artists: Saitou Ken

From Osuwari Team:

One day a frog saves the life of a bad witch. The witch promises to grant one of the frog's wishes... Which is to turn into a beautiful girl! Will our Frog-chan fulfil her dream and fall in love?

Yuri Friends

#20959 Yuri Friends

Authors/Artists: Morishima Akiko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

#20960 Even

Authors/Artists: Miman
Genres: One Shot , Shounen Ai , Sports
Clamp in Wonderland EX

#20972 Clamp in Wonderland EX

Authors/Artists: Apapa Mokona , Clamp , Nekoi Tsubaki
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

Many different oneshots published in Newtype Magazine, each involving xxxHOLiC and another CLAMP title.

Kindai Mahjong:
A short gag "series" that Clamp draws in various magazines. This one came from Kindai Mahjong, a gambling magazine. It features a certain blond bishie from Gohou Drug along with a couple of other characters from xxxHOLiC.

Ren'ai Daabii

#20975 Ren'ai Daabii

Alternative: 恋愛ダービー , Ren'ai Derby , Ren'ai Durby , Ren-Ai Derby , Renai Daabii , Renai Durby
Authors/Artists: Shigano Iori
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Shoujo Crusade:
Miki always loves to be the first in everything. She now aims to be the Seiryou Miss of the school Christmas party. She plans to confess to the school's prince, Suga-senpai, when she's chosen and be his first girlfriend. However, her guy friend, Yuuma, who has always supported her, opposes her this time. Why?

Brigit's Supper

#20978 Brigit's Supper

Alternative: ブリギットの晩餐 , Brigit no Bansan , Brigit's Dinner
Authors/Artists: Samura Hiroaki

By the author of ever-popular manga, Blade of the Immortal. A story taking place in Germany, Brigit gets separated from her brother and is taken to an auction where she is sold. Her expected buyer's task is explained to her. She soon becomes close with the new person she meets.

-- Manga Updates

Captain Tsubasa: Saikyo no Teki! Holland Youth

#20980 Captain Tsubasa: Saikyo no Teki! Holland Youth

Alternative: キャプテン翼 ワールドユース特別編 最強の敵!オランダユース , キャプテン翼 最強の敵!オランダユース , Captain Tsubasa: The Strongest Opponent! Holland Youth
Authors/Artists: Takahashi Yoichi
Genres: Drama , One Shot , Shounen , Sports

A one-shot taking place after the Captain Tsubasa manga and before the manga World Youth. Tsubasa isn't in Japan anymore, the High school national championship is ending, and Japan's players will make three friendly matchs against the Hollanda Youth.
(Taken from

Hotoke no Kao mo Sando Made

#20984 Hotoke no Kao mo Sando Made

Alternative: 仏の顔も三度まで , Hotoko no Kao mo Sando Made
Authors/Artists: Yoshihara Nozomi , Yoshihara Nozumi

From the same author as Gaaru Reiji. Comes a really cute oneshot that you're sure to enjoy. Risho is a girl that is destined to one day inherit the temple and become a priestess. But the thing is, she doesn't want to. What will become of her? And who's that guy she meets? Will it make her change her mind?

Risho è destinata ad ereditare il tempio di famiglia e di diventare una sacerdotessa. Il problema è che lei non ne ha intenzione... Un giorno incontra un ragazzo: lui riuscirà a farle cambiare idea?

Heart no Present

#21003 Heart no Present

Alternative: ハートのプレゼント , Present of the heart
Authors/Artists: Enomoto Chizuru

The second story of the 5 short stories in the volume work Kakattekinasai!

Iida is one of the best basketball players. He even has his own cheering section. Tsubaki finds herself staring at him while she practices her shoots. But her team is not even good. And if they don't find a way to win the next basketball game, their team might get canceled!


#21008 Couple

Alternative: カップル
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu , Yuu Watase
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

Inaho,17 anni,è innamorata di un suo compagno di classe, Takumi. Lei gli regala sempre qualcosa fatto a mano, tanto che alla fine lui si affeziona e finalmente le chiede di uscire. Nel giorno dell'appuntamento i due salgono su una barchetta a forma di cigno. Il giorno dopo lei racconta alle amiche di essere salita su quella barchetta con lui e queste le rivelano che le coppie che ci salgono sopra, si separano sempre. Lei è disperata e va nella classe di Takumi, ma le dicono che lui le ha lasciato un messaggio: può andare senza di lui a casa perchè aveva una cosa da sbrigare. Lei ci rimane malissimo e pensa di nuovo alla maledizione del cigno. Scopre che dietro a tutto questo dovrebbe esserci una dea, Benten,che fa separare le coppiette per gelosia. Inaho va nel tempio per sfidare la dea e le chiede di restituirle Takumi...

Amai Kamiato

#21009 Amai Kamiato

Alternative: 甘い咬みあと , Sweet After Bites
Authors/Artists: Tsukuba Sakura

Ren is a "tame" vampire and currently spends his lifetime with a detective as blood donor while in return he helps her investigate at night. Then suddenly, the most unimagineable thing happens: Ren's daughter Maia appears, but vampires can't have children!

Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)

#21016 Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)

Authors/Artists: Katsura Masakazu

From Manga Syndrome:

"It's a day in the life of NEXT, people with special abilities, and Sternbild City's heroes. They save lives, they solve cases, and they're on Hero TV!

Among the heroes is an unlikely combination of the veteran Kotetsu Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger, and hotshot rookie, Barnaby J. Brooks. Apart from having the same ability, they seem to have nothing in common. Will this highly anticipated combination work at all?

Furthermore, in an attempt to make Hero TV even more popular, the heroes are tasked to master their entry poses. Read on as NEXT balances their everyday superhero duties with being TV personalities."

Nihei: Abba

#21026 Nihei: Abba

Alternative: Abba , Abba Tsutomu Nihei
Authors/Artists: Nihei Tsutomu
Genres: One Shot , Seinen

A short oneshot about a man looking for his brother.

TakuLez Meet-Up Report

#21028 TakuLez Meet-Up Report

Authors/Artists: Morishima Akiko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

A brief story about a lesbian otaku meet-up.


#21029 Nakasareta

Authors/Artists: Nanase Rei
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

A small intense boy, Fei, suddenly appears in front of Masaki who just got dumped. But why does he lick her tears?

Trouble in the Classroom

#21031 Trouble in the Classroom


Sagigo, a high school girl, befriends a bunch of male delinquent friends who are making a bet when the teacher will quit his job. They will go to any means to do so. What side will Sagigo side take? The teacher's or her friends' side?


#21038 Fukugaeru

Alternative: ふくがえる
Authors/Artists: Watase Yuu

Kaoru, a single woman in her thirties, meets a magical frog that gives her the chance to live as a housewife. A really cute short story about being happy with the life you have.


#21046 Kouen

Authors/Artists: Otomo Katsuhiro
Genres: One Shot

A short story from acclaimed Japanese auteur Katsuhiro Otomo:

Social misfits On, Hanaken and Shinta spend an afternoon in the park shooting the breeze. As they wonder what direction life will take them, a chance encounter with an older generation leads to confrontation.

Unforgettable LANGUAGE

#21078 Unforgettable LANGUAGE

Alternative: 忘不了的旋律 , Wasurene no Language
Authors/Artists: Yumeka Sumomo

Futaba, whose father is an oceanographer, has transferred schools 8 times because of his work. Afraid of eventually being forgotten, she tries not to make any new friends at her new school.

Painful Love III

#21081 Painful Love III

Authors/Artists: Nananan Kiriko
Genres: Drama , Josei , One Shot , Romance

Kohei's girlfriend has found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman. Follow what happens as Kohei left his girlfriend for another.

Fool Fool

#21088 Fool Fool

Alternative: フール フール (天乃萌絵)
Authors/Artists: Amano Moe
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Yaoi

Hiromu and Takaya have finally decided to take the plunge and move in together. Takaya, thrilled with the prospect of "newlywed" life pulls out all the stops in setting up house... unfortunately he makes some assumptions about who's going to be "the bride". When Takaya shows up one day with matching blue and pink cups; he thinks it's only natural that Hiromu get the pink one. But Hiromu's not too happy about being pidgeonholed as the girl in the relationship. Takaya, being the dopey well-meaning seme he is, misunderstands and brings a new gift to make up for the cup debacle... this time in blue...

Saikou Densetsu

#21105 Saikou Densetsu

Authors/Artists: Fujisawa Tohru

Ikewaki Gajirou, nicknamed Gacchan, is the most valorous of the Big 5 in his school. He's a pretty good person. However, he has one flaw that people fear him for...

Love at the Fingertip

#21115 Love at the Fingertip

Genres: Drama , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

[From Perfect Ilusions]:

For her first time confessing, Riko decides to go all out--especially with her makeup! In the end she winds up humiliating herself. And worst of all, she runs into her enemy from school, Kenta. But, after finding out a secret of Kenta's, things start to change. Can her enemy actually become her savior?

A story about beauty that touches beyond the surface.

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