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Kodoku na Tonakai

#20881 Kodoku na Tonakai

Alternative: 孤独なトナカイ , Lonely Reindeer
Authors/Artists: Saori

A short story of a reindeer who becomes human in order to find the boy who called her "pretty" five years ago.

Noel la Neige

#20887 Noel la Neige

Alternative: ノエル ラ ネージュ , Christmas Snow , Noël la neige , Snow Christmas , Christmas the Snow , Noel la neige
Authors/Artists: Sichol=bell
Genres: Fantasy , One Shot , Shounen

Noel Christonbel is Santa Claus no. 29. He and his reindeer, Rudolf (in human form) visit children on Christmas day and give them presents - whatever they ask for. However, what happens when one of the children they meet doesn't want anything... and instead feels he should die?


> Holy Glory
( )

Me wo Mite Hanase

#20891 Me wo Mite Hanase

Alternative: 目を見て話せ , Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk , Me o Mite Hanase
Authors/Artists: Iwaaki Hitoshi

From Kotonoha

After getting beaten up by a bunch of thugs, an apathetic man who is afraid of looking other people in the eyes wakes up in the hospital, only to discover to his horror that he literally can’t see other people’s eyes.

Cecile's Feelings

#20899 Cecile's Feelings

Alternative: セシルの気持ち
Authors/Artists: Inugami Sukune

Cecile wakes up one morning with a boy from her university beside her. Exactly how much did they drink last night? And now what are they going to do?

Kamisama Gokko

#20915 Kamisama Gokko

Alternative: Make-believe God , Dieu imaginaire
Authors/Artists: Igarashi Ran

A girl watches over the town she lives in, believing the world is going to end. Soon she is joined by a boy who has no place to go, and they watch over the “last days” of the world together.

De par son télescope, une jeune fille observe les derniers instant de la ville où elle vit, croyant que la fin du monde est sur le point d'arriver. Bientôt, elle est rejoint par un jeune garçon impassible, ayant beaucoup de temps à revendre. Ils veillent ainsi ensemble sur les "derniers jours" du monde en jouant aux Dieux et décident de profiter du peu de temps qu'ils leur restent.

Unfortunately the comic (or parts of it) was scanlated by groups that don't allow rehosting. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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The Last Question

#20916 The Last Question

Alternative: 최후의 질문
Authors/Artists: [add] , Ryul
Genres: One Shot , Sci Fi , Seinen , Webtoons
Dokusen Happiness

#20926 Dokusen Happiness

Alternative: 独占ハッピネス , Happiness Monopoly
Authors/Artists: Ozaki Ira

All Sonoko wants for Christmas is to spend it with her boyfriend. However, it seems that he can’t spare her a few minutes on Christmas, as she’s not his top priority. To make things worse, she’s starting to feel more and more drawn to Takatsuki, a classmate who once confessed his feelings to her…

Truth of a Lily

#20928 Truth of a Lily

Alternative: 莲之实 , The Truth of Rin
Authors/Artists: Misha

Guo Guo's father had wished for her to go to college, so when he died, her mother tried to fulfill his dying wish more than ever. As a result, Guo Guo constantly skips school. Lian is the only one who can help her. What will her final answer be?

Kataomoi no Nouki

#20929 Kataomoi no Nouki

Authors/Artists: Takakura Tomoko
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Businessman realizes he's in love with his chain-smoking boss, and decides to confess to him in the middle of work! Is his boss to busy to hear him out?

This is the second story in Hisho wa Shachou ni Kudokareru.

Kimi wa Candy

#20930 Kimi wa Candy

Alternative: 君はキャンディ , You're Candy
Authors/Artists: Hirose Natsume
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Rebellious Love:
Mizukoshi gets to sit beside Hidaka this time and, he's cute and popular, how lucky! Mizukoshi can't help falling in love with him, but he has a girlfriend! What's Mizukoshi going to do? Includes a few other cute short stories.

Shonen Linda

#20935 Shonen Linda

Authors/Artists: Ayase Ruuna

A very short story (3 pages long) about a boy who transform into a girl to become a hero, but she has to collect stamps to be a real hero.

No Title

#20939 No Title

Alternative: ノー タイトル
Authors/Artists: Itsumi Mitsu
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo


What can you do if you're stuck alone with someone who does not speak the same language as you do? How will you help him to get home?

Nemureru Mori (TOJITSUKI Hajime)

#20943 Nemureru Mori (TOJITSUKI Hajime)

Alternative: ねむれる森
Authors/Artists: Tojitsuki Hajime
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

A short story about inappropriate love wandering between dreams and reality
(by Wasurenagusa)

Satsuki no Sora

#20955 Satsuki no Sora

Alternative: サツキノソラ , Satsuki's Sky
Authors/Artists: Sakura Roku
Genres: Action , One Shot , Romance , Shounen

From AQUA Scans:

The people that are infected with the maka's sprout, are fated to feed the flower until it blooms, which ends their lives.
The maka -humanoid demons-, carrying its own sprout, are chased by Satsuki, and the maka known as Blue Rose greets Satsuki as a "Hero". What will this encounter bring...?


#20966 Amanusya

Alternative: Amanusha , あまぬしゃ
Authors/Artists: Hosokawa Shingi

Three travelers visit a post town, a girl and a boy who seem like twins, and one man. Their goal is to seek great power, the Amanusya. In that town, they discover an evil conspiracy involving an Amanusya...

A Drop of Ocean

#20974 A Drop of Ocean

Authors/Artists: Takahashi Mako
Genres: One Shot , Shoujo Ai

From Lililicious: "A Drop of Ocean," by Takahashi Mako, is a short summer story about two friends.

Psycho Knocker

#20987 Psycho Knocker

Authors/Artists: Yuki Kaori

Ashina Tomo is your average school girl who somehow constantly has terrible images of a train accident. One day, on her crush’s birthday, her best friend brings her to an isolated print club machine which is rumored to allow prayers to come true. What would happen when your prayers come true, but not the way you want them to be? By a cursed print club machine nonetheless.

Present as a side-story in Fairy Cube.

H2 Love

#20995 H2 Love

Authors/Artists: Azuki Ryou

Due to living with her 3 brothers and father for so long, 2nd year Mizumori Hidarishita has come to hate all guys! Against all odds, she encounters Koizumi Ikurou, an avid girl-hater because of his troublesome sister. Tired of being pursued by the opposite gender, they both seek refuge in holding onto their beliefs, but what happens when Mizumori's dream world is torn apart?

Santa Claus Panic!

#20996 Santa Claus Panic!

Alternative: Santa Claus Panic
Authors/Artists: Shiiba Nana
Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Aerandria Scans:
It’s the season of Christmas and companies are advertising their services more determinedly during these times. Yayuka accidentally picked up a flyer saying a Santa will give her a wonderful gift on Christmas if she calls that number. Not wanting to be alone of Christmas, she calls the number and prepares a Christmas feast for Santa but when the doorbell rang, there stood a very young and handsome Santa who happens to be a debonair host!

There Are no Mermaids in This Town

#20999 There Are no Mermaids in This Town

Authors/Artists: Miman

From Yuri Project:

Yoshizaki Erina just transfered into town and is generally avoided by her classmates because of her taciturn nature until Toyoda tries to approach the girl.

Birthday Songs 4/1

#21022 Birthday Songs 4/1

Authors/Artists: Kisaragi Sono

The age difference between Yuu and Mizuho is one minute. But because of this one minute Mizuho went to school a year earlier and graduated a year faster. When she’s going away to Kyoto University, will Yuu be able to tell her his feelings?

Nishikaze to Taiyou

#21030 Nishikaze to Taiyou

Alternative: Nishikaze to Taiyou: Zephyr and Sol , 西風と太陽 , The West Wind and the Sun
Authors/Artists: Mashima Hiro

Nishikaze to Taiyou (lit. The West Wind and the Sun) is a one-shot from Mashima Hiro, mangaka of Rave Master and Fairy Tail. The story follows treasure hunters Zephyr (西風) and Sol (太陽) as they search for a statue of a goddess atop a mountain. They find the statue, but suddenly, the statue comes to life...!

On (KUROSAKI Rendou)

#21037 On (KUROSAKI Rendou)

Authors/Artists: Kurosaki Rendou
Genres: Josei , One Shot , Yaoi

A male homosexual couple cuddles and fools around in bed, while talking about their relationship.

Hana Saita

#21048 Hana Saita

Alternative: 花咲いた , Blossomed Flower , Hana, Saita (FUJIKURA Mao)
Authors/Artists: Fujikura Mao
Genres: One Shot , Romance , Shoujo

From Ivyscan:

Sari, who likes nail-painting, hasn't thought much about her future. One day she meets her classmate in the library. He praises her nails and gives her an idea for what she could do in the future - her future. They start to get closer but will someone get in the way?

Clamp in Wonderland EX

#21051 Clamp in Wonderland EX

Authors/Artists: Apapa Mokona , Clamp , Nekoi Tsubaki
Genres: Comedy , One Shot

Many different oneshots published in Newtype Magazine, each involving xxxHOLiC and another CLAMP title.

Kindai Mahjong:
A short gag "series" that Clamp draws in various magazines. This one came from Kindai Mahjong, a gambling magazine. It features a certain blond bishie from Gohou Drug along with a couple of other characters from xxxHOLiC.

Without the Sun

#21060 Without the Sun

Authors/Artists: Yoon Lee Hyun

The heartbreaking story of a vampire and a blind girl falling in love, both wishing to see the sun and trying to find happiness while at it.

Yuri Friends

#21070 Yuri Friends

Authors/Artists: Morishima Akiko
Genres: Comedy , One Shot
Hotoke no Kao mo Sando Made

#21077 Hotoke no Kao mo Sando Made

Alternative: 仏の顔も三度まで , Hotoko no Kao mo Sando Made
Authors/Artists: Yoshihara Nozomi , Yoshihara Nozumi

From the same author as Gaaru Reiji. Comes a really cute oneshot that you're sure to enjoy. Risho is a girl that is destined to one day inherit the temple and become a priestess. But the thing is, she doesn't want to. What will become of her? And who's that guy she meets? Will it make her change her mind?

Risho è destinata ad ereditare il tempio di famiglia e di diventare una sacerdotessa. Il problema è che lei non ne ha intenzione... Un giorno incontra un ragazzo: lui riuscirà a farle cambiare idea?

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